You are liable for any damage caused to our range.  

Please read all of the following rules completely. These are set by TFP staff for EVERYONE’S safety.

  1. ALWAYS keep your gun pointed in a safe direction (muzzle up, down, or down-range).
  2. ALWAYS keep your finger off the trigger until ready to shoot. (OFF TARGET, OFF TRIGGER)
  3. All firearms must be UNLOADED and the actions MUST BE OPEN until ready to use.
  4. Know your target and what is beyond it. All bullets must hit the backstop, not our walls, ceiling, or floors.
  5. You are liable for any damage you cause to the range. NO EXCEPTIONS.
  6. No one under the influence of drugs and or alcohol is permitted on the range. No exceptions.
  7. Hang the top of your target at EYE LEVEL to ensure your bullets ONLY hit the backstop.
  8. Eye and ear protection are MANDATORY at all times by all persons. (If you do not have any please ask someone at the front desk for a rental pair).
  9. NO FIREARM will be loaded OR have its action closed unless forward of the RED SAFETY LINE. NO EXCEPTIONS.
  10. Only SAFE and CONTROLLED fire is allowed.
  11. NO Drawing from the holster.
  12. We ask that you NOTIFY a TFP staff member if you take extra TARGETS, AMMUNITION, or any other supplies.
  13. NEW YORK STATE LAW says no shooting of handguns unless the shooter has a NYS pistol permit.
  14. No food or beverages in the range (due to airborne lead and particulates).
  15. If the Lights go off forward of the firing line = CEASEFIRE. When a ceasefire is called, OPEN ALL ACTIONS AND UNLOAD ALL FIREARMS, SET THEM DOWN AND STAY BEHIND THE RED LINE. 
  16. If you have a malfunction in your firearm you cannot clear, open the action (if possible), and leave the firearm in the range, then come out and grab a TFP staff member.
  17. If two people are sharing a lane, only one may fire at a time.
  18. When finished, we ask that you sweep all empty casing forward the firing line, and RECYCLE all used targets and trash. Make the booth neat for your next fellow 2nd amendment supporter.
  19. You are able to take photographs, and videos as you please. (We would very much appreciate it if you tagged us on Instagram @thefiringpin or on our Facebook page)
  20. We also appreciate any and all feedback! Let us know what we are doing right or wrong. Feedback allows us to grow and make EVERYONE'S experience pleasant!
  21. No firing from the hip. SHOTGUNS without shoulder stocks are not allowed.
  22. Firearms without some form of sights are strictly prohibited as there is no way to physically aim the firearm without sights.
  23. NO open-toed shoes or low-cut clothing (this is to prevent burns from spent brass).

Ammunition Restrictions

  1. Calibers allowed: .17 HMR - .300 Win Mag
  2. Shotguns= SLUGS ONLY. NO target loads, or shot of any kind
  3. NO green-tip, tracers, explosive, armor piercing, or frangible rounds of any kind on the range.                    
  4. All ammunition is subject to inspection and approval.

Any violation of range safety rules may result in DISMISSAL from the range with NO REFUND.

Thank you for reading our range rules, we want to have a safe and pleasant shooting experience for ALL TFP PATRONS!

The Firing Pin LLC is located in Bergen, NY (between Rochester and Batavia) and open Monday through Sunday.

For additional information get in touch with our expert staff by phone at 585-494-0333 during regular hours, or write to anytime by visiting our website’s secure, confidential contact page.

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