We sell all kinds of ammo, targets, knives, and hunting/shooting accessories. Stop down and check out our inventory, or call the shop to see if we have what you're looking for! We add new inventory all the time and try to cater to the needs and requests of our loyal customers.

We have a wide variety of pistols, rifles, and shotguns. If we do not have what you're looking for, ask one of our staff members for a price quote and we would be glad to special order it for you. Special orders must be paid in full before ordering. New and used firearms are acquired weekly.

Shop Our Online Store

Follow the link below. Our online store is effectively a live stream of the inventory available from our top distributors! If you see if available on the website, it can be ordered and picked up in our store. 

Buy, Sell, Trade, & Consign

Looking to sell, trade, or consign a firearm with us? To sell or trade, bring the firearm down to the store for a price quote. For consignments, you set the price (we can help you determine a fair value) and we take 20% when the firearm sells.


FFL Transfers

Looking for a specific firearm that we're unable to get? Found a screamin' deal online? FFL to FFL transfers are $35.00 per serialized item!
*Please note: We do not accept online transfers from private individuals. All incoming firearms MUST be sent from an FFL

Outgoing FFL Transfers

Did you sell something on GunBroker? Shipping a firearm to a family member or friend? We can handle the transfer and shipping to another licensed FFL dealer. Prices are per firearm.
Long Guns: $65.00 shipping + $35.00 transfer
Handguns: $45.00 shipping + $35.00 transfer

Private Transfers

Looking to legally sell one of your firearms to a fellow New Yorker? Swapping guns with a friend? We help to facilitate private person-to-person transfers for a fee of $10.00 per person, per firearm. 

Ammunition Transfers

Looking for a specific kind of ammo and can't find it at a store near you? Frustrated that you can't have ammo shipped to your door anymore? We will accept ammo shipments for a transfer fee of $10.00 per shipment!

Authorized Glock Blue Label Dealer

Ask a staff member about Glock blue label pricing today. 


The Firing Pin LLC is located in Bergen, NY (between Rochester and Batavia) and open Monday through Sunday.

For additional information get in touch with our expert staff by phone at 585-494-0333 during regular hours, or write to anytime by visiting our website’s secure, confidential contact page.

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